We Warned Them

Today’s guest author is Jasmyne AriannaJasmyne is a former at-risk youth and survivor who now advocates against institutional abuse, highlighting the systemic oppression of marginalized groups. Her son’s autism diagnosis led her to educate herself and advocate against seclusion and restraint. Jasmyne is a volunteer with the Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint and a cofounder of We Warned Them. She also works with the National Youth Rights Association and is currently working toward a degree in child development.

The We Warned Them campaign is an intersectional grassroots campaign pushing for regulation, oversight, & ultimately an end to the “Troubled” Teen Industry or “TTI”. In order to provide lawmakers and other organizations with a clear sense of the issues youth experience within this industry, we created the following questionnaire. Our goal is to gather statistical information about the experiences of youth enrolled in these programs.

If you spent time in a TTI program, it is helpful for us to know what your experience was like. Your answers to these questions will be used anonymously to help direct our projects, and eventually, help guide some of our statistical research. If you have any questions you’d like to ask before filling out this form, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at wewarnedthem@gmail.com, or by using our Contact Us page on our website: wewarnedthem.org. Please be advised that some of these questions may be triggering & prioritize the protection of your mental health as you consider whether you are able to participate in this survey.

Google Form: https://bit.ly/wwtform2021


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