Compliance to compassion: Supporting students, teachers, and staff in challenging times

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The Alliance Against Seclusion & Restraint and the Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc. are planning a special full-day virtual event to be held on October 14th, 2022.

About the event

The past two years have been challenging – teachers, children, and families are struggling. There has been an increase in stress behaviors in the classroom. The approach to “managing” behavior in many schools is failing children, educators, and families. This full-day virtual event will focus on hope and solutions.

Join us for the live full-day virtual event

We have a great lineup of speakers who will share their insights, experiences, and advice for moving from compliance and control approaches to compassion and connection.


We have an amazing lineup of speakers for this event, including:

James Moffett

James Moffett is an elementary school principal who has created, implemented, and helped others create and implement trauma-informed practices in their schools. Throughout his career, he has taught various demographic groups, observing the differences and similarities in effective instructional and behavioral strategies. Ultimately, James realized what we all know, meaningful relationships enhance behavior and academic success. He often threw around the words “grit” and “perseverance”, but after viewing Paper Tigers, it came full circle. James started his trauma informed work as the principal of Derby Hills Elementary School in Derby, Kansas, which became a fully functioning trauma informed school. During his time at Derby Hills Elementary, he implemented a number of different SEL and trauma-informed practices such as safe spots, mindfulness, self-regulation and teaching an explicit SEL curriculum. This James is serving as principal at Faris Elementary in Hutchinson, KS, where he has already put his trauma-informed practices into place to better serve the needs of students.

Alfie Kohn

Alfie Kohn is the author of 14 books on education, parenting, and human behavior, including PUNISHED BY REWARDS (1993), THE SCHOOLS OUR CHILDREN DESERVE (1999), UNCONDITIONAL PARENTING (2005), THE HOMEWORK MYTH (2006), and THE MYTH OF THE SPOILED CHILD (2014).He appeared twice on “Oprah” and was described by Time magazine as “perhaps the country’s most outspoken critic of education’s fixation on grades and test scores.”  His many articles include “Five Reasons to Stop Saying ‘Good Job!'” and “Raising an UnTrump.”  Kohn works with educators and parents across North America and beyond, and he speaks regularly at national conferences. He lives (actually) in the Boston area and (virtually) at

Jim Sporleder

Jim Sporleder retired in 2014 as Principal of Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA.  Under Jim’s leadership, Lincoln High School became a “Trauma Informed” school, gaining national attention due to a dramatic drop in out of school suspensions, increased graduation rates and the number of students going on to post-secondary education.   These dramatic changes at Lincoln caught the attention of Jamie Redford, who spent a year filming the documentary, Paper Tigers, which tells the Lincoln story.  The documentary was released at the May 2015 Seattle International Film Festival and received positive reviews.Jim is currently working as a trauma-informed coach / consultant and is based in Walla Walla, WA.  His travels as consultant, keynote speaker, presenter and trainer have taken him all over the United States. Jim is married, has three daughters and seven granddaughters.  In his spare time, Jim enjoys fishing, hunting, but most of all…spending time with family.

Dr. Stuart Shanker

Dr. Stuart Shanker (D.Phil) is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology and the CEO of The MEHRIT Centre, Ltd.. His latest books “Reframed: Self-Reg for a Just Society” (University of Toronto Press 2020) and “Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators” (Pearson 2019) co-authored with Susan Hopkins is a follow-up to “Calm, Alert and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation” (Pearson 2012). His book, “Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage With Life” (2016), still garners enthusiastic reviews and media attention throughout North America and has been published in the UK, the US, Poland, Germany, China, South Korea, The Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. In 2012 Dr. Shanker founded The MEHRIT Centre as a Self-Reg learning and information centre.

Susan Hopkins M.Ed.

A passionate advocate for children, families, schools and communities, Dr. Susan Hopkins is the Executive Director of The MEHRIT Centre. Over Susan’s two decades of experience in education, she has worked in roles in the early years, K-12 and post-secondary across contexts from Italy to the Northwest Territories (NWT) including classroom teacher, program support teacher, vice-principal, district coordinator for inclusion, researcher, curriculum developer, and post-secondary instructor. Susan led the NWT implementation of the Early Development Instrument in kindergarten, co-authored the 10-Year Early Childhood Framework, developed the NWT play and culture-based kindergarten curriculum and led the Planning, Research and Evaluation division for the Department of Education. Under 5+ years of Susan’s leadership, The MEHRIT Centre has evolved into a highly respected, accessible, and successful center for teaching and learning Self-Reg.

Dyane Lewis Carrere, M.Ed.

Dyane is an educator whose 40+ year career as teacher, administrator, consultant and staff developer has concentrated on supporting students using compassionate, growth-oriented approaches. She has worked in preschool through secondary settings as well as with families and service agencies across the country. Dyane is the developer of the Re-Set Process™ , a relational and regulatory framework based upon trauma-informed research in neuroscience and psychology. She is the lead author of the book The Re-Set Process: Trauma-Informed Behavior Strategies (Brookes Publishing). Dyane has shared her knowledge at hundreds of national, state and local trainings and conferences. As an experienced educational consultant, she understands what resonates with educators, connecting science with practice in a user-friendly manner. As a child advocate, she is committed to practices that are student-centered, wholistic and trauma-informed.

Emma van der Klift

Over the past 30 years, Emma (with her husband and partner Norman Kunc) has travelled extensively throughout North America and abroad providing in-service and training in the areas of inclusive education, employment equity, conflict resolution, and other disability rights issues. Emma has recently published, Talk To Me: What Educators (and Others) Can Learn About De-Escalation From Hostage Negotiators. Emma Van der Klift is a neurodivergent speaker, author and activist. Diagnosed as Autistic as an adult,  she has embraced the diagnosis with a sense of relief, recognition and confirmation. Like many other autistic girls and women, she did not recognize her experience as represented in the common societal narratives. Emma believes that her experiences as a so-called “disruptive student” gives her a unique perspective on the issue. Emma holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University and is certified as a mediator and negotiator through the Justice Institute in Vancouver. 

Norman Kunc

Although Norman Kunc and his colleague and wife, Emma Van der Klift, are well known speakers and advocates within the disability rights community, they prefer to think of themselves as modern day storytellers, continuing the long held tradition of using humour and narrative to initiate self-reflection and social change. Norman travel extensively throughout North America and abroad providing in-service and training in the areas of inclusive education, employment equity, conflict resolution, and other disability rights issues. Norman and Emma’s first book, Being Realistic isn’t Realistic, is a collection of their writing on Disability, Identity, Inclusion and Innovation. Born with cerebral palsy, Norman attended a segregated school for children with physical disabilities; then, at the age 13, he was integrated into a regular school. In his undergraduate years, Norman wrote a book about his experiences of going to a regular school. This book catapulted him into a career as a speaker, writer, scholar and advocate.From there, he went on to complete an Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and a Master of Science degree in Family Therapy.


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