Restraint and Seclusion Data Survey

We are working with Michela (Micky) Marinelli an Associate Professor at the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Austin to collect and analyze data related disciplinary actions. We are working to compile data on the number and types of disciplinary actions (restraints, seclusion, suspensions, expulsions, etc…) across schools, to assess the link between these data and the type of behavioral intervention employed by each school (coercive, controlling, comforting, trauma-informed, etc…). Although there are nation-wide websites with this information including the Office of Civil Rights Data Collection and the Government Accountability Office, these contain very little information. So we are looking for additional data. If you know where to find this information in your state, district, or school, please let us know using this survey.

Your help is in finding these publicly-available data for your state, district, or school is greatly appreciated! 


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