Introducing Jennifer Litton Tidd

Jennifer Litton Tidd
Jennifer Litton Tidd fighting for the rights of our children.

I want to introduce one of our contributors Jennifer Litton Tidd. Jennifer has been contributing to our page and community since shortly after I started the page earlier this year.

Dr. King once said, “The arc of the moral universe is long and it’s bends towards justice.” Jennifer wants to help provide the pressure needed to bend it faster.

Jennifer is a wife, mother of 4 wonderful sons, 2 of whom are autistic, professional in many creative endeavors working to make our surroundings more beautiful and 30-year political activist who hopes to make the world more beautiful for more people. She is also neuro-divergent, both ADHD and dyslexic, and was herself restrained and secluded as a child. 

She has lobbied on state and federal levels, organized rallies and civil disobedience, committed to societal change and still believes we live in a system where people have great power. She believes fierce, directed, loud people have more power. The more people who rise up, the more power. 

Jennifer is also a freelance political writer and is relentless in the pursuit of justice. She started as a young activist in the 80s marching in the anti-apartheid movement, then door to door for Greenpeace, on to LGBT rights, women’s rights, racial justice, and disability rights, environmental justice, healthcare justice. 

She is called in as a caller for many actions on the Hill. She has also been a campaign activist who has registered over 20,000 voters in the commonwealth of VA and run precincts for candidates. 

Jennifer is committed and has a passion for banning restraint and seclusion now and replacing a broken system with a system that makes schools safer for children, teachers and staff. Everyone in our schools has a right to safety and accommodations. 

Her son’s story has been shared on NPR and WAMU. She is also a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against her district with more co-plaintiffs and civil rights organizations to hopefully affect change in her son’s district, as well as set a federal precedent that might impact millions of others nationwide. 

She is a dedicated advocate and we are excited to have her bring her activist experience to her job here as our director of advocacy at AASR. Join me in thanking Jennifer for her help and commitment to the cause.


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