Below are some of the resources we are making available to help you in your efforts to reduce and eliminate the use of restraint and seclusion.


You are welcome to use our graphics to support your efforts to reduce and eliminate restraint and seclusion.

Please include a link back to our website, where possible, if you are using our graphics.

Model Legislation Advocacy Toolkit

It’s time to change the laws in your state. Now is the time to start advocating for changes to the laws in your state.

Our new toolkit provides you with model legislation that you can advocate for in your state or school district.


Listen to our podcast while you are on the road or on the go. We are now featuring our interviews and lecture series as an audio podcast. Check them out on our BuzzSprout page or listen below.

Do you enjoy our AASR Live series? If so consider supporting us on Patreon. You can select a monthly membership starting at just $3.99 per month.

Sample Letters

Find letters and position statements from individuals and organizations to support specific efforts to reduce and eliminate the use of restraint and seclusion.

These letters are provide here as examples of the types of letters you may want to ask your local organizations to write to support your efforts.

Share Your Story

While they can be difficult to share, our stories are critical for influencing change. Our stories help others to realize that they are not alone and that they too can influence change.

Our stories can influence members of the media to investigate and write articles that can inspire change. Our stories can connect with lawmakers who can change the law to protect our children and our loved ones. Please share your story and let us know how we can use it to influence change.


The Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint produces bi-weekly live events including presentations and interviews with experts from across the United States.


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