Toolkit: Quotes from Self-advocates

Below are quotes from a few of the self-advocate that were interviewed as part of the research phase to develop the toolkit.

White women with masters degrees torture children in this system. What is a kindergartner doing that warrants them being held face down? Tax payers are funding what is considered torture, they should know if its going to the right place

Julie Weiner,
Survivor & Self-Advocate

Treating students with respect, trauma-informed approach instead of turning things into a power struggle, try to understand what’s going on with them. Address what is at the core of the behavior instead of focusing on whatever the behavior is itself.

Kim Krejmas-Renninger,
Survivor & Self-Advocate

Journaling sessions, other activities that help students thrive and unpack trauma. Self care practices should be in schools for after school activities (art therapy, music therapy, yoga, meditation). Any activity to build coping skills should be a permanent alternative to seclusion and restraint.

Mina Han,
Survivor & Self-Advocate

The world I envision moves away from PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Plan). I would looks at ways to do more and teaching children how to understand their support needs, getting their needs met ahead of extinguishing behaviors.

Oswin Latimer,
Autistic Consultant

Original art by Mina Han

Table of Contents

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