Our Affiliates

Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint affiliate groups are state, provincial, and local advocacy organizations that share our core values, philosophy, and policy positions. While not part of the Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint in structure or governance, affiliate groups are highly aligned. Affiliate groups may have unique positions, programs, and goals; however, they should be aligned with our core beliefs and mission to inform changes in policy and practice to reduce and eliminate the use of punitive discipline and outdated behavioral management approaches and end the school-to-prison pipeline. 

Our Core Beliefs

Affiliate groups should be aligned with our core beliefs, which include:

  • We believe in the reduction and elimination of the use of physical restraint and seclusion wherever they occur.
  • We believe in ending the use of corporal punishment in schools and homes across the world.
  • We do not support compliance-based approaches to behavioral management, such as behaviorism.
  • We support trauma-informed, neuroscience-aligned, relationship-driven, and collaborative approaches.

Obligations for Affiliate Groups

As an affiliate group, your group agrees to the following:

  • Agree to support the core beliefs of the Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint.
  • Provide an organizational contact who will provide regular updates related to your group’s activity.
  • Display an Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint affiliate graphic on your website or social media.
  • Speak on behalf of your organization and refer people to the Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint for our positions.

Benefits for Affiliate Groups

There are many benefits for affiliate groups, including:

  • AASR can provide guidance and support.
  • AASR can amplify your message and reach.
  • AASR can help support your local advocacy efforts.
  • AASR can facilitate peer support.

Apply to be an Affiliate Group

To apply to become an Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint affiliate group, please complete the online application.

Our Affiliate Groups

Affiliate groups are listed here to raise awareness, encourage collaboration, and help interested individuals connect with local groups.


Idahoans for Safe Schools

We are parents and partners creating change in Idaho Public Schools. We are working towards changing school culture, policy, and practices regarding the inappropriate use of restraints, seclusion, and corporal punishment. We are working to save lives, eliminate trauma, and protect all students with better approaches to school discipline.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/6082510268445051


Justice For Our Angels

Our mission is to get justice for the loved ones we have needlessly lost to institutional abuse, the survivors left with a lifetime trauma, and to prevent further loss and trauma at the hands of UHS and other institutions by bringing awareness and passing legislation.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ForProfitMentalHealthReform
Twitter: twitter.com/JusticeForOurA2
Instagram: instagram.com/justiceforourangels20
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/


Michigan Advocates to End Seclusion and Restraint (EndSaR)

Michigan Advocates to End Seclusion and Restraint will work to end the practices of seclusion and
restraint in Michigan schools through student advocacy, educator support, parent education, quality control, and legislative change.

Website: www.endsar-mi.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EndSaRMI


Missouri Parents of Kids Subjected to Restraint and Seclusion in School

This group is for parents of children who have been subjected to the aversive techniques of restraint and seclusion in school. This is a safe place to share your story without judgement, share ideas and information on restraint and seclusion laws, brainstorm on ideas to stop restraint and seclusion in school, and provide support to other parents. Please read all rules before posting in the group.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/937336354003205

New York

Keep All Students Safe – NY

We are organizing to promote bills that will protect disabled students in NY and nationally. This group aims to gather concerned citizens from every legislative district in NY to make their representatives aware of this bill and to demand their support.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/281559623696834/

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