Mini-Review of Intentional Neuroplasticity, Moving our Nervous Systems and Educational System toward Post-Traumatic Growth

Dr. Lori Desautels’ previous book, Connections Over Compliance, is one of my favorites. The book addresses the roles of connection and neuroscience in the classroom. Recently, I had the opportunity to read her new and soon-to-be-released book Intentional Neuroplasticity. This book is so much of what is needed in this moment in time.

These have been challenging times for educators, students, and families. The COVID pandemic disrupted our lives in so many ways. As children returned to the classroom, many schools were focused on learning loss. However, something far more critical needed to be addressed – safety and connection. In her book Intentional Neuroplasticity, Dr. Lori Desautels continues to makes neuroscience approachable and applicable to educators and families. Dr. Desautels explains how our brain and body are critical to feeling safe and that our brains prioritize safety. As we learn from the book, when a child does not feel safe, they can not engage and learn. Dr. Desautels provides hope that we can help children feel safe, connected, and successful through connection and intentional neuroplasticity.

Dr. Desautels suggests the idea of creating nests in our schools. Nests are safe emotional and physical environments for students and educators. As we learn in the book, brain and body safety are critical to success and prerequisites to learning. Dr. Desautels presents a roadmap to creating nests and helping students, teachers, and staff to thrive. The book provides clear strategies and tools to help build classroom nests, and help children feel safe, connected, and successful through meaningful connection and intentional neuroplasticity.

Preorders should be on sale soon!


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