Introducing Pamela Ononiwu

Please join me in welcoming Pamela Ononiwu as a contributor to the Alliance Against Restraint and Seclusion. We are very exited to have Pamela joining our team and look forward to working with her to impact change.

Pamela believes in compassion, care, and empathy for the most marginalized, vilified, and often forgotten amongst us. Recently, it propelled her to run for School Board in an effort to advance educational policy/infrastructure for special education and other minority children. She was a strong vocal advocate as a candidate for discounted kids. Although she did not win, she is most proud of the engaging work she did to advance conversations for the biggest impacted demographics. As a parent/child advocate for the often marginalized, she hopes to continue the conversation on researched best practices in education policy.

Pamela will be helping us to start an podcast and we are excited to have her join the team.


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